California Space Authority


California Space Enterprise - Frequently Asked Questions

What is “space enterprise”?

The California Space Authority (CSA) broadly defines space enterprise as: “Activities that involve sub-orbital, orbital, lunar, planetary or deep space systems, operations, or related services, including supporting activities such as technology development; manufacturing; operation of ground systems, ranges and test sites; space-related education and training and governmental support.

How big is the space enterprise in California?

California space enterprise is a $20 billion business enjoying 24% of the global space enterprise market. It boasts a total employment impact of over 250,000 jobs, with the average industry salary being over $55,000. California space enterprise touches every Congressional and State legislative district and has a total economic impact of $120B. See CSA's Space Enterprise Fact Sheet: Service To You flyer--pdf

What are California's key space assets?

Please see caindex.html.

What is the California Spaceport Authority?

This is a designation created in legislation by the State of California. For a complete copy of the code, see Spaceport Authority.

How do I join CSA?

Simply review our current member list and benefits of CSA membership. Then use the membership application form to join. All are available from this web page: membership.html.

If in doubt, just give CSA a call at (805) 349-2633.