California Space Authority

Statewide Committees

Statewide Committees

Space Committee
Economic Development Collaborative
Research and Development Collaborative
Education / Workforce Development Collaborative

A brief, current description of committees follows. If you have an expertise and/or interest in these or other topics, please introduce yourself to us by using the form at the bottom of this page.


Space Committee

This committee will cover topics such as the California Commercial Space Strategic Plan, industry support and capitalization, database of needs assessments, resource identification, and more that fall under the broad topic of space (commercial and non-commercial). Click here for Space Committee details (including meeting dates, agendas, locations, etc.).

Space-Related Economic Development Collaborative

A statewide collective of economic development professionals from space-strategic areas supporting THE CALIFORNIA SPACE AUTHORITY in its efforts to facilitate statewide space development, foster California space competitiveness, stimulate space business attraction and ensure space business retention. Details.

Space-Related Research and Development Collaborative

California research professionals from industry, academe, and government with an interest in stimulating and enhancing the role of research in support of the development of space.


Education / Workforce Development Collaborative

  • Facilitating interfaces among industry, education/workforce stakeholders, government agencies, economic development entities statewide; integrating space education/workforce development with other statewide space support programs
  • Providing space-related information/referral statewide
  • Promoting space education/workforce development resources
  • Providing technical expertise to industry, economic development entities, state, federal and local policymakers for business attraction/retention; to government for education and workforce development policy creation
  • Researching current gaps/needs in space-related education/workforce development and enrichment continuum; leading collaboratively designed strategies to address
  • Providing California space industry ongoing opportunities to discover and stay abreast of statewide education/workforce resources as a potential partnership opportunity; as a means of retention
  • Helping to identify funding and other resources to support development of California's space-related education and workforce training resources
  • Advocating (at state and federal levels) program and policy development, partnership opportunities and industry and policymaker support for space education/workforce development


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