California Space Authority

Strategic Plan

The California Space Authority (CSA):
ÒTrusteeÓ of the California Space Enterprise Strategic Plan

In 1998, the California Space Authority developed the first-ever California Space Strategic Plan, bringing together statewide space stakeholders from public and private entities in all three domains: commercial, civil and national security space. Thereafter the ÒtrusteeÓ of statewide space enterprise strategic planning, CSA in 2004 coordinated development of the 2004 California Space Enterprise Strategic Plan. Thirteen entities co-sponsored the 2004 Plan, 345 public and private sector space stakeholders representing 146 organizations participated in its creation. At the heart of the Plan were five strategic initiatives, with statewide implementation Collaboratives organized around each initiative: Space Enterprise Business Development, Retention and Growth (BDRG); California Space Industrial Base Vitality (CSIBV); Space Science, Research and Technology Development (SRTD); Space Education and Workforce Development (EWD); Public and Policymaker Awareness (PPA). During its three year implementation period, the 2004 Plan has also generated three working groups: Space Manufacturing (SMG), New Space Professionals (NSPWG); Small Business (SBG).

The 2004 California Space Enterprise Strategic Plan implementation period ends at the end of 2006. To ensure continuity of California space enterprise strategic planning, CSA will be coordinating final implementation of the 2004 Plan in conjunction with development of a new Ò2007-2009 California Space Enterprise Strategic PlanÓ in the coming months. The Collaboratives and working groups mentioned above will share responsibility for both, with the California Space Enterprise Advisory Council (SEAC) providing guidance and direction in support of the California Space Authority Board of Directors.

For information about the 2004 California Space Enterprise Strategic Plan development and implementation, click here.

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The secure web area for SEAC and Collaborative members for the 2004-2006 wrap-up and the 2007-2009 Plan development is here.

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