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Newsletter, Volume 3, 1998 - California Space Strategic Plan 21 Strategic Priorities for the 21st Century

Newsletter, Volume 3, 1998

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California Space Strategic Plan
21 Strategic Priorities for the 21st Century

1. Public Awareness/Interest in Space
Create public awareness of and interest in benefits of space technologies and exploration. Build advocacy for State/Federal support of space technology development efforts.

2. State Policymaker Support/Advocacy
Create space development support/investment from State, regional and local policymakers by emphasizing economic value, consumer and environmental benefits of space technologies.

3. Federal Policymaker Support/Advocacy
Create support/advocacy for and investment in California space development from Federal policymakers by focusing on the national economic impact and potential of commercial space.

4. Workforce Programs/Partnerships
Enhance California's workforce to meet 21st century space industry needs by developing programs, initiatives, partnerships among education (K-University), workforce and industry to ensure space career awareness and skill sets.

5. Guidelines: Performance Standards in Education
Through industry-generated guidelines for performance standards in education, enhance California's workforce competitiveness. Seek out/incentivize programs which support these performance standards.

6. Space-Related Incentive Projects
Increase California's competitiveness by creating incentive programs for space development, developing both objective-specific incentive programs and flexible incentives which can help attract/retain specific projects.

7. Capitalizing on California's Space Assets
Capitalize on statewide space-related assets by defining the State's role and establishing policies enabling the State and/or local public sector entities to maximize these resources.

8. Governor's Support for Space Technology
Identify and educate a space technology advocate within the California Governor's office.

9. Space Information/Referral Interface
Identify a single space technology information/referral interface to assist companies/entrepreneurs with information regarding California space and other space-flight related services and resources.

10. Regulatory Streamlining/Single Interface Approach
Promote consolidation of State government agency interaction for expansion of California space development. Explore designating a single compliance interface to serve as administrating agency.

11. Performance Guidelines/Incentives
Manufacturing Create a platform from which California can transform itself into a "Center of Excellence for Space" by developing industry-driven performance guidelines for production/manufacturing and incentivizing the adoption of these standards by companies.

12. Marketing of California Space Capabilities
Market globally California's world-class space, space-services and land-based space tourism capabilities through private-public partnerships.

13. Science/Research/Technology Development
Enhance space-related science, research and technology development, encouraging public/academic partnerships and innovative programs to create research infrastructure, increased technology transfer.

14. Collaborative Forum for Space Stakeholders
Create an ongoing forum for California space stakeholders that fosters cooperation, provides insight and marshals stakeholder support to influence critical space-related decisions.

15. Rewrite: Commercial Space Launch Act
Advocate for a complete rewrite of the federal Commercial Space Launch Act to recognize and address the needs of the new space industry.

16. Implementation of Strategic Plan
Implement the California Space Strategic Plan, recognizing the ongoing need for Plan review. Update programs to meet the needs of this fast-growing industry.

17. Enhancing California Spacelift Capability
Increase California's capacity to support projected current and future government and commercial spacelift demand for both expendable and reusable launch vehicle operations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

18. Revolutionary Technology Transition
Establish a competitive advantage for California by developing a revolutionary model for rapid technology transfer.

19. Investment Community Interest
Inform, inspire and increase access to the private and corporate investment community, building awareness of growth potential of California space- related ventures.

20. California Space Economic Impact
Develop and maintain an industry resource bank/ economic impact profile comprised of a statewide inventory of space-related assets and a geograph-ical analysis of California's space industry suppliers.

21. Convergence: Space/Other Industries
Capitalize on convergence of California's space industry with other important sectors of California's economy: information technology, telecommuni-cations, entertainment and others.