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Events / Conferences / Forums / Etc.

Events are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, see our links to other calendars.
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Description Date Location
AIAA Space 2003
September 23-25, 2003 Long Beach, CA
ISCe 2003 | International Satellite & Communications exchange Conference and Expo [See ISCe 2002]
August 26-28, 2003 Long Beach, CA
19th National Space Symposium
April 7-10, 2003 Colorado Springs, CO
Responsive Space Conference/Workshop
April 1-3, 2003 Redondo Beach, CA
Los Angeles Science Festival at CalTech (Sally Ride)
March 29, 2003 CalTech, Los Angeles, CA
California Space Week in Washington, DC [See last year's]
March 24-28, 2003 Washington, DC
California Space Day in Sacramento [See last year's]
March 18, 2003 Sacramento, CA
Annual Meeting of CSA Members
December 4, 2002 El Segundo, CA
Inland Empire Science Festival (Sally Ride)
November 23, 2002 UC Riverside, Riverside, CA
Vandenberg Air Force Base 2002 Air and Space Show
November 2-3, 2002 Vandenberg AFB, CA
3rd Annual Science and Technology Education Partnership (STEP 3) Conference
November 1-2, 2002 Riverside, CA
Edwards Air Force Base 2002 Open House and Air Show
October 26, 2002 Edwards AFB, CA
Governor's Small Business Reform Task Force
October 23, 2002 Los Angeles, CA
World Space Congress
October 10-19, 2002 Houston, TX
Lori Garver, Prospective Space Tourist, Luncheon/Roundtable
September 25, 2002 Long Beach Hilton, Long Beach, CA
Brigadier General Richard E. Webber, Luncheon
August 28, 2002 Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA
International Satellite and Communications exchange (ISCe) Conference and Expo. August 27-29, 2002 Long Beach, CA
NASA Technology Commercialization Forum
August 27, 2002 Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA
CSA International Welcome Luncheon
August 27, 2002 Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA
The International Space University (ISU) Alumni Conference 2002
August 8-11, 2002 Pomona, CA
Brown Foundation and CSA Planning Luncheon
July 17, 2002 Ontario, CA
CSA Roundtable Luncheon Event with Keynote Speaker General Lance W. Lord
June 25, 2002 San Jose, CA
XMM-Newton Educators 2002 Workshop
June 18-21, 2002 University of California, Santa Barbara
Space Industry Business Services Orientation and Consultation Forum
June 18, 2002 Los Angeles, CA (Hilton LAX)
The New Space Economy
A panel discussion; The Space Frontier Foundation
June 6, 2002 (evening) Palo Alto, CA
SBIR/STTR NASA Emphasis and Phase I Proposal Writing
Co-sponsored by CSA and CACT
May 30-31, 2002 San Jose, CA
National Capital Science Festival, by the Sally Ride Science ClubTM, for 6th-8th grade girls
May 11, 2002 Fairfax, VA
Guardian Challenge: AFSPC's Premier Space and Missile Competition
May 5-10, 2002 Vandenberg AFB, CA
"Space-Based Tools for Valley Economic Growth: 21st Century Satellite Technologies for Agriculture, Business, Government, Education" [2-page flyer, PDF, 608Kb] [11-page program, PDF, 434Kb]
April 26, 2002 Castle Airport Aviation Development Center (Merced County), CA
18th National Space Symposium
April 8-11, 2002 Colorado Springs, CO
AIA President/CEO, John W. Douglass, to Speak at Antelope Valley Luncheon
March 26, 2002 Palmdale, CA
CSA's Space Week in Washington, DC
March 19-21, 2002 Washington, DC
CSA's Space Day in Sacramento
March 12, 2002 Sacramento, CA
Satellite 2002
March 6-8, 2002 Washington, DC
Space in the Classroom 2002 (See 4-page flyer, 524Kb, PDF.)
February 1-2, 2002 Sacramento, CA.
"California in Space", A Joint Exhibit of the Golden State Museum & California Space Authority
January 30 - April 28, 2002 Sacramento, CA
Aerotech Expo 2001
November 17, 2001 Lancaster, CA
4th Annual Aerospace Outlook Conference 2002
November 1, 2001 Carson, CA
2001 International Space Symposium
October 29-31, 2001 Washington, DC
Space Frontier Conference 10
October 18-21, 2001 Los Angeles, CA
Space 2001 - The Odyssey Continues...
August 28-30, 2001 Albuquerque, NM
Davis Star Show, A Festival of Science and Astronomy
August 24-25, 2001 Davis, CA
Capps/Skelton/Looney Dinner
August 13, 2001 Vandenberg AFB, CA
Inagural Air Expo at Moffett Field
August 11-12, 2001 Sunnyvale, CA
Space Coast Summit 2001 with the Honorable Lois Capps
August 6, 2001 Santa Maria, CA
Luncheon with Gen Eberhart, CSA
June 22, 2001 Sunnyvale, CA
Student Rocket Launch, CSU Long Beach
June 2, 2001 Mojave Test Area, CA
17th National Space Symposium, Space Foundation
April 9-12, 2001 Colorado Springs, CO
Fundraising in Turbulence: A Comprehensive Guide for Funding and Financing a Technology Venture, San Diego RTA
April 7, 2001 San Diego, CA
California Space Week (see article on Space Week 2000)
March 26-30, 2001 Washington, DC
Space: The Free Market Frontier (by the Cato Institute)
March 15, 2001 Washington, DC
California Space Day (see article on Space Day 2000)
March 13, 2001 Sacramento, CA
March Storm
March 10-15, 2001 Washington, DC
AIAA Distinguished Speaker Series: Isbell and Atwater [see flyer (.pdf)]
January 26, 2001 Lompoc, CA
Space Business Conference and Expo, AIAA and Aviation Week
October 30 - November 1, 2000 San Jose, CA
International Space Symposium
October 24-26, 2000 Washington, DC
Space Frontier Conference 9
October 19-22, 2000 Los Angeles, CA
SPAWAR/Industry Conference 2000
September 24-27, 2000 San Diego, CA
AIAA Space 2000
September 19-21, 2000 Long Beach, CA
Silicon Valley Space Enterprise Symposium, Space Frontier Foundation, NASA/CSTA
June 10, 2000 San Jose, CA
Space Development Forum, NASA/CSTA
May 23, 2000 CalTech, Pasadena, CA
Keep It Sold
May 15-17, 2000 Washington, D.C
16th National Space Symposium (Space Foundation.) CD-ROM copy of the Proceedings
April 3-6, 2000 Colorado Springs, CO.
State (3/8/00) and Federal (3/22/00) Legislative Receptions
"The Mastery of Space" - Teaching with Space Conference, Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum
January 28, 2000 Denver, CO
Space Development Forum, NASA/CSTA
October 7, 1999 Mountain View, CA
National Space Symposium, hosted by The United States Space Foudnation
April 5-8, 1999 Colorado Springs, Colorado
California Commercial Space Briefing and Showcase
January 24, 1998  
July 11-20, 1997