California Space Authority

Grants and Funding Opportunities

Grants and Funding Opportunities

State Space Grant Funding for 2002/2003 Needs Your Support
Situational Update May 15, 2002
1. Arguments in Favor of Governor's 02/03 Proposal in Support of Space Grant Program Budget Item 2920-101-0001
2. Letter in Support of State Budget Item 2920-101-0001

TTCA/DSTI: Grant Programs, Space Industry Development Programs

CSA Grant Success Stories.

Space Grant Database (at AmTech's web site, more grant info)

Year 2002 California Technology Investment Partnership (CalTIP)
Proposals due 5:00 p.m., May 15, 2002

Year 2001 CSTA/WCSC Grant Awards Announcement

Year 2000 CSTA Space Flight Competitive Program

Year 1999 CSTA Space Flight Competitive Program
Year 1998 CSTA Space Flight Competitive Program

California Technology Investment Partnership (CalTIP)

"The California Technology Investment Partnership Program (CalTIP) is a competitive grant program to assist California companies competing nationally for federal awards. The objective of this matching grants program is to make California proposals more competitive in national federal solicitations by supporting projects which leverage a broad spectrum of private sector, federal and state resources in pursuit of creating new, globally competitive, commercial products and services that will lead to sustained economic growth and job creation in California."

CalTIP is a program of the Division of Science, Technology and Innovation within the California Technology Trade and Commerce Agency.

2002 Solicitation (Word97, 109Kb).

The CalTIP grant program is run in collaboration with the California Regional Technology Alliances (RTAs).

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