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Web Banner Advertising

California Space Authority (CSA)

Web Banner Advertising

CSA's website averages over 25,000 visitors a month, which is a compelling reason to showcase your company in a web banner. As a CSA member, you are eligible to purchase this high visibility advertising space on our website.

A banner ad can be static, and can be an interactive link to your own website. The CSA staff will create your web banner from images you provide, including your logo. Although we will accept high quality JPEG image files, we highly recommend that you provide us with clean, uncompressed digital images, which can be in most graphic file formats. The reason for this is that we will need to "optimize" and compress the images for use on the web, and this process will likely reduce the quality of files that were previously compressed, such as GIFs and JPEGs. You can either attach your image(s) to an email message (sent to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ),
copy them on a CD, or indicate a URL where they can be downloaded.

The maximum dimensions for a CSA website banner ad are 330 pixels (width) by 100 pixels (height). The size of a web banner is relative to the viewer's computer monitor screen setting, so that the fewer pixels your screen is set to display, the larger the web banner will appear, and vice versa. It's therefore important to minimize the amount of text included in the web banner so that it will be legible.

The California Space Authority reserves the right to approve/disapprove elements of web banner ad artwork. Banner advertising space is based on availability.

Call Elizabeth Burkhead (805-349-2633, ext. 118) for space reservation or answers to your questions.

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Banner ad on the upper portion of the CSA home page
    $475 for one month

Banner ad on the lower portion of the CSA home page
    $350 for one month

Banner ad on any other CSA page
    $225 for one month

A form for submitting your web banner request can be found online here. This form can be completed by the person at your organization designated as the CSA Membership Point of Contact.