California Space Authority

Member Advisory Panels

Member Advisory Panels (MAPs)

Member Advisory Panels are opportunities for members of the space enterprise community to voice their views with respect to legislative and administrative action pending in either Washington, DC or Sacramento. As issues of importance come to the forefront at either the federal or the state level, your input and counsel will be sought. When government action is taken, CSA will also provide you with updated information regarding these issues.

MAPs are managed by the Policy, Legislative and Government Relations (PLGR) Division of CSA to ensure that our advocacy reflects the goals of the space enterprise community. While membership in CSA is not required to participate in MAPs, action taken by CSA staff will always be guided by the input and direction provided from its members.

MAP issue areas may change as policy impacts present themselves. Following are the existing categories in which you can be involved:

  • Education
  • Homeland Security / Public Safety
  • Military Base Retention / Protection
  • Taxation
  • Workforce / Business Atmosphere
  • Export Controls

If you would like to join one or more of the MAPs, please click here.

Space Enterprise Community members may sign up for any or all of these MAPs. We ask that those involved in any given MAP have a breadth of knowledge concerning the issue area so that their input will be beneficial to CSA's PLGR staff.

Federal-level Point of Contact: Janice Dunn, email, 805-896-7854
State-level Point of Contact: Eric Daniels, email, 916-551-1543

Download the printable version of the MAPs flyer: (PDF, 52kb)